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Data Mill helps organizations utilize modern data infrastructure and data science to power analytics, products, and services.


Data Analytics Pipeline

Take data from disparate sources like Salesforce, NetSuite, Wootric, Google Analytics, and custom databases and load it into a modern data warehouse.

Modern data warehouses employ Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) and speak standard SQL, which allows analyst to easily aggregate and manipulate data using their preferred analytic tools.


Allow operational software systems to communicate with each other, unlocking the full potential of your organization’s software tools.

With well integrated systems, business processes can be further automated and create less friction.

Embedded Application Insights and Analytics

Add advanced data analytics and machine learning to your app, giving your users the ability to discover new insights.

API Development

Unleash your product or organization’s data and application capabilities for 3rd parties. Data Mill can help you build a new API from the ground up, or build a new version to add functionality and improve the existing experience.


About Us

Data Mill was founded to offer organizations of all sizes access to modern state of the art data and software technologies. We believe open source and open standards are the most viable technologies, allowing your organization to avoid vendor lock-in, utilizing a vast ecosystem of tools, services, and talent.

Andrew Madonna

Founder, Engineer

Andrew Madonna has been working in software for more than a decade. In the past 5 years he has helped build complex data and backend systems, from HIPAA compliant health applications, to the data infrastructure powering America’s 6th largest city, to helping build a popular cloud ETL offering used by many companies.

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